Betsy Pugh

Hatchett: Name? 

Pugh: My name is Betsy.

Hatchett: Age? 

A. I am 23 years old.

Hatchett: Classification? 

Pugh:  I don’t know what this means but I would classify myself as a student of life. 

Hatchett: What do you do?

Pugh: I’m a student at UNA and I’ve worked at an ice cream shop for two years now. I love it, but I won’t tell you where. 

Hatchett: What do you do for fun? 

Pugh: When I want to have fun I get on my yoga mat or pick up my staff and flow or watch food videos. 

Hatchett: Where are you from? 

Pugh: I’m from Birmingham, Alabama.

Hatchett: What is your favorite food? 

Pugh: I love food, especially Asian food. 

Hatchett: What are you in school for? 

Pugh: I am studying Sociology and my minor is in Family Studies. 

Hatchett: Are you involved in any clubs on campus? 

Pugh: I’m not involved in any clubs, but I am involved in the play “Women Aren’t Funny.” 

Hatchett: Is there anything off-campus that you do for enjoyment?

Pugh: For enjoyment I love to play outside, weather permitting. It’s important to me.

Hatchett: What’s your sign?

Pugh: If by sign you mean zodiac, I am a Libra sun, Cancer moon and Sagittarius rising. 

Hatchett: Do you have any siblings?

Pugh: I have a younger brother. We’re only 16 months apart in age so we’re super close. 

Hatchett: What’s your fashion style? 

Pugh: I wouldn’t know what to ‘name’ my fashion sense. My fashion sense is connected to my personality and self-expression and is important to me so I feel like compartmentalization by naming it devalues it. 

Hatchett: Did anything inspire you to get your piercings? 

Pugh: I was inspired by seeing people with piercings when I was younger. I value self-expression. My piercings are a big part of my identity. Where and how I chose to wear piercings is also important. I’ve also got a deeper connection with my body’s healing process. 

Hatchett: How was your day? 

Pugh: Today is a good day. It snowed and was 32 degrees, but nature is amazing and experiencing a piece of nature that doesn’t happen often like snow in Alabama is most appreciated. 


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